Lost Two Sizes – Loving Every Minute of It!

My daughter was getting married, and I wanted to look great for it. So I got sucked into following a number of those “Lose Belly Fat Fast” programs. All that happened was that I got bigger, even though I followed them carefully, did the exercises and all that! As you can see, I was definitely not slim by my daughter’s wedding! In fact, by then I was topping the scale at 168 lbs. By the time my youngest daughter got married, four years later, I had managed to shed about 10 pounds, but there I was stuck. I had finally decided that this was just the size I was going to be from then on, but I really wasn’t happy about it. Then I heard about the Flush Your Fat 4Good program and realized it really made a lot of sense. So, in June of 2015, I started following the guidelines. It took a little bit for things to get started for me, but after a while, the inches started shrinking. I lost 3″ in the belly alone! Now I have gone from a tight 14 (I refused to go to a 16!) to a size 10. I have worn size 10 tops before, but never a size 10 in a skirt! This is a program that one can follow for good, the support you get is awesome, and if you do hit a little hiccup along the way, all you have to do is go back to Phase 1!