I created Flush Your Fat 4Good for me! After a family tragedy, with lots of stress, it was finally over and I woke up and looked at myself and said, “Oh hell no”! This fat has got to come off like yesterday!

The answer came to me in my darkest hour of hating how I looked and felt. I literally was asking God for answers as I walked around my house disturbed over being so overweight. I heard a voice say, “Jackie, you know what to do. You’ve known all along. Now just do it” And I turned around and started Flush Your Fat 4Good.

Everyone was begging for it. Then I was forced to put it down on paper for a very successful wellness specialist, Cathy Castelazo, for her clients! I did it kicking and screaming! It was so much work. However, the results were so phenomenal with her clients, I decided to team up with Dr. Victoria Arcadi and do two trial groups to see what we actually had on our hands. That is when we decided to share it with the world! We’re now on a mission to help the suffering and save lives, literally!