“I’m 43, but I FEEL like I’m 20 again!!” When I started this eating lifestyle I just wanted to have a little more energy and lose maybe 2” from my waist. I have also had high blood pressure since I was seventeen and I knew that losing some fat might help that. I am blown away at the effectiveness of this lifestyle. From 208 pounds in February 15th, 2016 it took 11 weeks to return to a lean 163 pounds, but more importantly, I lost 55″ and I have sustainably maintained that size. Before this lifestyle my “normal” BP for years was 155/97 and would spike as high as 191/120…but after losing the fat for the first time ever, my BP is staying at 123 over 72!! I tell people that I know it sounds like a cliché to say “I feel like I’m 20 again!”… but I literally FEEL 20, in my bones, in my energy, in my mood, way better sleep, in everything… I truly feel like I’m 20 again. This is a lifestyle for a lifetime! It is true wellness in every sense of the word.