When I heard about FYF4Good, I weighed 223 pounds and was miserable! My body fat was over 53%! After 11 months on this lifestyle, I had lost 92 pounds and over 120 inches, and my body fat was down to 29%!! What an amazing transformation! My knees and hips no longer hurt! I can stand up easily and without pain after sitting for a long period. I can kneel without my legs immediately going to sleep. I have more energy and can even run up a flight of stairs! I can comfortably be on my feet for a longer period of time without sitting down and I can walk at a faster pace. My digestion is working properly for the first time in many years! I have come out of a brain fog that I didn’t realize I was in! I am sleeping more deeply and more restfully, and I fall asleep more quickly! I no longer feel my irregular heartbeat that I experienced at my heaviest. My mood is more positive and I have a greater sense of well-being! And for the first time in my adult life, my legs do not rub together when I walk, and I can comfortably sit with my legs crossed!!

At my heaviest, I was wearing size 24 and 2XL clothes. Now I am in size 4 and Small / XSmall clothes! WOW!!!