Hi FYF4G Buddies! Just wanted to share my progression with you all… I know on some of the calls there are a couple of us “younger” folks (late 20’s-mid 30’s), as well as some who don’t have a lot of inches to lose. I’ve only shown a couple people my before pics, so it’s a little terrifying… but I don’t look like that anymore!

Just to share some history, back in 2012 I went back to school to change careers and follow my passion & true life path. I was working full-time in a stressful job while going to school for 22+ hours a week. My previously healthy, balanced, vegan diet was replaced with comfort food, my cortisol levels were high, and I wasn’t taking care of myself. In 1.5yrs, I gained 25# and was depressed a lot. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and get out of my stressful situations.
I relocated in May 2014 and made a commitment to get my diet back on track. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped on my own, I made a little progress but not much. So when my friend told me about her new program I was immediately interested! We talked about what she was doing and got a lot of things clarified, we even had a conference call to make sure I understood what to do! I started the program on August 21st and now, a little over two months later, I feel amazing! I love having my old body back & having energy again! I’m almost ready for Phase 2 

I am so impressed by you all! Keep up the great work, supporting each other, and sticking to the plan… even while traveling! It’s worth it… YOU are worth it!!!