Down TEN Sizes!(14+ to 4)

In April 2015, I was squeezing myself into a size 14, you know how we do it girls, it really should have been a 16! All I can say is thank goodness for stretchy material. A lady posted her results on Facebook and I decided to check it out. I read about it and saw pictures of more results. The pictures were amazing. I started the 3rd week of April and by the second week of August I was in a size 10 and could tuck in my blouse!!! In December I was a size 4 and have maintained. The amazing thing about FYF4Good is my cravings were gone and I am never hungry so it is easy to follow the plan to a T. Eating real food is a big plus for me and I have gone from a size 14+ to a size 4!!!!. I am much healthier and I have a lot more energy. Finally I have found a way of life that I can follow for the rest of my life. No more diets for me; just FYF4Good!