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  1. Pre-order the 250-plus page BOOK from the Store on this site (Buddy PackFriends & Family Pack, or Book & Workbook bundle).
  2. Purchase the digital WORKBOOK or Book & Workbook bundle from the Store on this site.
  3. Subscribe to the GOLD Level Access or the VIP Level Access.
  4. Purchase another product from the Store.
  5. Access the Flush Your Fat 4Good “Buddies” Facebook Group pull down from the LEARN MORE menu, or click here.

The Flush Your Fat 4Good “Buddies” Facebook Group is part of Pillar #8: Support & Accountability. It is important that you have bought the Flush Your Fat 4Good Book or Workbook so you have understanding of how to live this Lifestyle. Once you are in the Facebook Room….here are a few important rules.

  1. Any who chooses not to take the rules seriously may be removed from the group.
  2. Be Kind and Courteous and Supportive
    We are all in this together to create a safe, supportive, welcoming environment. Let us treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.
  3. We are here to feel safe and encourage success!
    Make sure everyone feels safe. Any unkind words or remarks will not be tolerated, and degrading comments or complaints about things like race, religion, politics, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.
  4. Please no promotions, spam or personal advertising.
    Please give more than you take to this group. Self-promotion of products and services or company, spam and irrelevant links are not appropriate in this room and will be deleted. Also, no promotion of other products, services, or companies through private messaging to a buddy you met through this room. This group is not a network for you to promote another business. 
  5. Respect Everyone’s Privacy, Stay Sensitive to our Buddies Feelings and Emotions
    Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions are important and make this a very special group, but be sensitive and private. What is shared in the group should stay in the group and should encourage and benefit Buddies to succeed with the Flush Your Fat 4Good Lifestyle.
  6. Please leave your Buddies with an increase!
    We Buddies are interested in support through community. Please no head trips in this room. We request that everyone be humble, honest, respectful and forthright. We want everyone to leave their fellow Buddies with an increase. Thank you for taking the steps to new life!

Once you have purchased the digital Workbook from the Store you will receive an email receipt for the transaction with a link to download the digital Workbook.

NOTE: Not all mobile devices support downloads. It is recommended you are on a laptop or desk top computer when downloading the digital Workbook. You will have 2 attempts to download the book so please save the PDF to a location you will remember.