Whisk three eggs and pour into a lightly greased fry pan.  Coconut oil, olive oil or organic butter from grass-fed animals works great. 

When the eggs are almost cooked like a pancake, turn over and add your vegetables right down the middle.  Chopped-up broccoli tops, tips of asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, shallot, or Bermuda onions are good, a few leaves of kale and arugula, and perhaps some fresh salsa.


Then add a couple of soft dollops of plain goat cheese. 

Flip half of the egg pancake over the vegetables, grate a little sheep cheese (pecorino), over the top for a final touch and then put on a lid and turn down the heat.  This allows your vegetables to slightly steam and the cheeses to soften.

This dish should fill you up and keep you satisfied for about four hours.  Also, if you make a 6 egg omelet, you can save half for later and just reheat in skillet.