Flush Your Fat 4Good™ is a Lifestyle for a Lifetime. We call it, “Health by Design”! Based on biochemistry and physiology, eating the way your body was designed to be fed optimizes your digestion, absorption, and elimination for safe, rapid fat loss.  

FYF4Good has 8 Essential Pillars

  1. Nutritional Ketosis
  2. Food Combining
  3. Low-Glycemic Eating
  4. Nutrifying
  5. Detoxing
  6. Flushing
  7. Exercise & Sleep
  8. Support & Accountability

Follow it to a “T” and you will experience:

  • No More Cravings or Deep Hunger
  • Abundance of Energy
  • Deep, Refreshing Sleep
  • Sharper Mind and Better Mood
  • Healthier Body, Optimal Digestion
  • Rapid Safe Fat Loss

You will never struggle with deciding what to do again and you will feel in total control of your choices.

FYF4Good has Phase 1 and Phase 2

Phase 1 creates safe, rapid fat loss. Your body will burn your own fat for fuel and use your food to help build, repair and maintain your bone, blood, tissues, organs and hormones.  Probably for the first time in your life you will be eating in harmony with how your body digests, absorbs and eliminates. This will assist in detoxing and flushing the toxins out of your body.  

Phase 2 is after all the fat has been lost and you like how you look and feel. Phase 2 is a Lifestyle for a Lifetime. You will be able to enjoy additional foods that were not allowed during Phase 1.

With support and accountability, the old paradigms start to fade away and the new paradigms of feeling positive, in control, happy and healthy become stronger and stronger. You will have a different relationship with your food. It is about having quality health and a zest for life.

As you learn how Flush Your Fat 4Good works, you will begin to understand that this is NOT a diet!  “DIETS DON’T WORK”!  Why?

Virtually every diet program and weight-loss product has THREE fundamental problems:

  • Most do not work as PROMISED.
  • They do not have a LONG TERM STRATEGY to keep you LEAN AND HEALTHY.
  • As you lose weight, in addition to losing fat, you are also losing bone and muscles. When you gain it all back (and then some, as most do), you do not gain bone and muscles back. This leads to a higher percentage of body fat. Not good and not healthy at all.


  • Being 20 pounds overfat is linked to a over 20 “health conditions”?  
  • Being 20 pounds overfat puts you in the danger zone.  
  • The “yo-yo” effect of dieting compounds these problems dramatically.  

On Flush Your Fat 4Good you will not only lose your subcutaneous fat (the fat that is under your skin) but also your visceral fat (the fat surrounding your organs), which is the dangerous fat.  On average, people doing FYF4Good burn 2 to 3 pounds of pure fat per week while building lean muscle mass and bone density!

You will love the food, drinks, routine and support. Most importantly, you will love the NEW YOU!

Whether you are 8 or 80, vegetarian or meat-eater, or medically challenged* – if you have 20, 80, or 250+ pounds of fat to lose –

Flush Your Fat 4Good will work for you.

Live Long, Happy and Healthy!

* Flush Your Fat 4Good recommends that you consult with your health care practitioner prior to beginning this Lifestyle or any weight loss program. *