GLA & CLA Combo Pack MONTHLY Subscription

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GLA & CLA Combo Pack MONTHLY Subscription – this subscription for the GLA & CLA Combo Pack will charge you and ship each month.

Doing everything right means you cover all the bases for a successful final fat loss!

GLA & CLA are the tools the body requires to help you to lose the fat and keep it off safely.

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GLA & CLA Combo Pack MONTHLY Subscription – this subscription for the GLA & CLA Combo Pack will charge you and ship each month.

GLA and CLA – Here’s Why You Need Both…

With so many different “weight loss” supplements out there it isn’t always easy to determine what you really need and why. On your primary list to fight fat need to be “GLA” and “CLA.” With only one letter apart, they don’t seem all that different, but they are, and here’s why! Both GLA and CLA have a very important role with FAT LOSS and with NUTRIFYING your body to maximize health. GLA (gamma linolenic acid) and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) are omega-6 fatty acids which help burn fat, promoting weight loss. Both are good for preventing weight gain after you have lost weight, and both help to control appetite. However, they accomplish these goals differently.


On the cutting edge of fat loss! Your new tool to assist you in success. The most deficient essential fatty acid in our diet is GLA. Taking a GLA supplement may help the body to stimulate metabolically active brown fat for optimal fat loss support.

Research confirms brown fat cells found at a deeper levels can burn 3X more calories than those white cells at the surface. Brown fat has been hailed as the “new obesity treatment,” by the New England Journal of Medicine (April 2009). Primarily activated by cold, brown fat triggers the body to burn more calories and generate body heat.

GLA raises your metabolism by making brown fat (adipose tissue) in the body burn calories for energy and to keep your body warm. Usually, brown fat is not as active in overweight people and that’s where GLA comes in. It can help activate brown fat and burn off the ugly “white” fat that accumulates under your skin all over your body. GLA is also a good appetite suppressant since it raises the levels of serotonin so you feel full and eat less. A study at the Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff, found that participants lost between 9 to 11 pounds in 6 weeks while taking GLA. In addition to its “interior” effects, GLA also has exterior benefits! The prostaglandin it produces is an anti-inflammatory and diuretic and helps the skin maintain tone and stay moisturized so it’s not saggy after and during weight loss. FYF4Good GLA contains GLA from U.S.A. cold-pressed non-GMO Black Currant Seed oil.


When you have committed to the rest of your life to be lean and healthy for life, CLA helps you to keep that commitment. Conjugated Linoleic Acid prevents the enlargement of your fat cells, assists in breaking up those cells and as they are eliminated CLA helps to build lean muscle mass. Plan and simple!

CLA is especially good at burning visceral fat, the kind hiding in between muscles and organs, and especially helpful for belly fat.

  • Research published in the International Journal of Obesity (August 2001) found that a group of overweight men taking CLA lost mostly belly fat and reduced their waistlines by 1 inch without making any diet or lifestyle changes.
  • In a similar study, women lost mostly belly and thigh fat with CLA and reduced their waistlines by 1.2 inches. While CLA helps burn fat, it helps gain lean muscles at the same time.
  • A year-long research study performed by the Scandinavian Clinical Research Group found that overweight people lost 9% of their body fat and increased their lean muscle mass by 2% just by taking CLA with no changes in their diet or lifestyle.
  • And, a University of Wisconsin-Madison study concluded that CLA helped to prevent weight gain in people who previously lost weight. When the group gained weight while taking CLA, half of them gained weight back it was lean muscle!

How does it work?

CLA inhibits an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase which is involved in the storage of fat into fat cells. It keeps little fat cells from getting larger, according to Michael Pariza, director of the Food Research Institute who conducted the University of Wisconsin Study.

CLA also helps reduce your appetite, especially when you are not getting enough sleep. It lowers levels of leptin when is raised with sleep deficiency and makes you hungrier. Another study showed the leptin levels dropped 20-35% in 24 months in those taking CLA. FYF4Good CLA formula is derived from U.S.A. cold-pressed non-GMO Safflower oil. Because of the incredible benefits not only in fat burning but optimal health, we recommend both of these omega-6 products for the FLUSH YOUR FAT 4GOOD™ Lifestyle.

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