Nutrifying is an important Pillar in the Flush Your Fat 4Good Lifestyle. As we lose the fat rapidly and safely in Phase 1, we are limiting starches, sugar, and foods that have a glycemic index higher than 60. Our body functions rely on nutrition. When we limit foods, lose fat, and change our body composition, these body systems and every cell must be supported for optimal function. Supplementation is required because our food chain is deficient.

It’s imperative to have the GLA and CLA for essential fatty acids for they’re incredible fat burning properties! You can find those in the Store tab!

All the supplements recommended for Flush Your Fat 4Good can be found in various places such as, health food stores and other supplement companies that meet the requirements of FYF4Good!

All must be from whole foods, no sugars, dyes fillers or binders. And of course… NO SYNTHETICS!

Here are the recommended supplements:

Whole Food Multiple Vitamin and Mineral

We can live without certain supplementation, but we cannot live without vitamins and minerals.  While on a weight/fat loss program, it is extremely important that the body is supplemented with vitamins and minerals.  And, not just any, but a vitamin and mineral that is made from whole food and not synthetics.  Synthetic vitamins and minerals are made with petroleum, coal tar, and rocks.  The body cannot recognize these materials and they may actually be a burden or harmful to the body.  99% of all the vitamins and minerals out there are made from synthetics.  FYF4Good recommends only whole food supplementation.  As our body is performing and achieving better health, all functions of all our systems must be supported. This happens with the micronutrient sources from whole food supplementation that the body recognizes and utilizes quickly.  Virtually every weight loss program mandates vitamin/mineral supplementation as it is crucial for safe weight loss.


Glyconutrients are plant molecules that take a position on the surface of each cell along with the amino acids forming glycoproteins.  We do not receive the 8 essential plant molecules from our modern day diets.  Therefore, we must supplement.  The reason these micronutrients are highly recommended is that they are responsible for clear cellular communication and recognition.  Without these required glyconutrients, we cannot possibly have clear and precise communication to allow the cells to perform optimally.


Antioxidants are required as we lose fat.  The body does not produce antioxidants and therefore, we must get them from our diet.  Fortunately, the food recommendations on FYF4Good are very high in antioxidants.  Such foods are raw fruits and vegetables.  However, we are also exposed to what is called a “green harvest”.  The vast majority of our fruits and vegetables are picked green prior to ripening so that they can be stored and transported long distances.  By this process, the antioxidant value in the food is decreased.  As we are exposed to the sun, chemicals, pesticides, air pollution, water riddled with chemicals, and the toxins released from the fat cells, antioxidants will protect our cells from damage and oxidation or “rusting”. Antioxidants may help reduce belly fat, support the cardiovascular system, and protect the cells from damage.  As the fat cells shrink, they release toxins. Antioxidants help to protect the body from damaging effects of the toxins.

Hormone Support

Hormonal chaos is a physiological fact in obesity. Eating a diet of starches, sugars, and complex carbohydrates cause insulin spikes throughout the day. Insulin is a hormone and when one hormone is out of balance or being secreted in excess, the other hormones suffer as well because all the hormones are part of the hormonal or endocrine system.  We see sleep disturbances, mood swings, and unfortunately, more common than we like, depression.  As we follow Phase 1 this could all improve in as little as 72 hours.  We want to support the entire endocrine system with whole food supplementation.  The way we do this is with phytosterols.  These are plant sterols that allow the body to modulate and balance hormones and support the system in the way each body individually needs.  One proven source is the Mexican Wild Yam which is a large yam that when ingested has functional support and modulation for the entire endocrine system.  This supplement will also encourage rapid, safe fat loss with these properties.

Digestive Enzymes (Vegetable Source)

FYF4Good focuses on digestion, absorption, and elimination.  The vast majority of people, in our experience, are not digesting well. We know from physiology that as we are stressed, aging, eating on the run, and eating foods that are not good and possibly harmful to us, we are not able to make and secrete adequate digestive enzymes, which are necessary to digest our foods optimally. Adding digestive enzymes are like hiring a person to help you with a task. Digestive enzymes add to your ability to digest your food.  The Vegetable Enzymes recommended by FYF4Good are pH-activated. They are taken before protein meals. As your enzymes are triggered by the food, so are these enzymes. They aid in the digestive process through the entire digestive tract. Digestive enzymes are one of the most important supplements recommended in the Flush Your Fat 4Good Lifestyle…at least in Phase 1.  Once a person is in Phase 2, their digestive function overall is greatly improved and it may not be necessary to take the enzymes with every protein meal.


Probiotic colonies are crucial for optimal health and digestion in the gut.  It is important that a probiotic supplement has an adequate colony still viable after the expiration date on the label.  Probiotics include strains or microorganisms that are common in the intestinal tract.  These microorganisms are specifically designed to survive stomach acids and secretions and are multiple strains to populate the entire digestive tract to optimize digestion, absorption, and elimination.  Since at least 70 percent of your immune system is in the gut, these viable microorganisms may help to improve the immune system with improved viable healthy gut flora.

Branched Chain Amino Acids for the FYF4Good Latte

The FYF4Good Latte includes the Muscle Building-Fat Burning powder.  This powder is super effective. It is made from Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s). When taken together with the organic coffee and recommended milk, the FYF4Good Latte provides a total of about 20 grams of protein. These BCAA’s will begin to help your body start to burn the stored fat, stimulate the satiety center in the brain to give a feeling of fullness or satisfaction, and also will be the amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) that help to build lean muscle mass.  It contains calcium and phosphorus, which help to support building bone density.  The FYF4Good Latte, or as we love to call it, FYF4Good Muscle Building-Fat Burning Latte, is a mandatory part of Phase 1 and is optional in Phase 2.

GAMMA LINOLENIC ACID (GLA-Cold Pressed non-GMO Black Currant Seed Oil)

GLA raises your metabolism by stimulating the brown fat to burn the white fat, which in turn helps the body burn calories for energy and to keep your body warm.  Usually, brown fat is not as active in overweight people and that’s where GLA comes in.  It can help activate brown fat and burn off the ugly “white” fat that accumulates under your skin all over your body.  GLA is also a good appetite suppressant. It raises your levels of serotonin, causing you to feel full and eat less.  A study at the Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff found that participants lost between 9 to 11 pounds in 6 weeks while taking GLA. In addition to its “interior” effects, GLA also has exterior benefits!  The prostaglandin it produces is an anti-inflammatory and diuretic and helps the skin maintain tone and stay moisturized so it’s not saggy after and during weight loss.  Therefore, GLA helps stimulate brown fat activity, helps provide skin protection, promotes the reduction of excess inflammation and also helps relieve PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) in women.

CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID (CLA from Cold-Pressed non-GMO Sunflower Oil)

CLA is especially good at burning visceral fat, the kind hiding in between muscles and organs, and especially helpful for belly fat.  It is commonly found in grass-fed meat and dairy products from animals such as cattle, sheep, and deer.

Research published in the International Journal of Obesity (August 2001) found that a group of overweight men taking CLA lost mostly belly fat and reduced their waistlines by 1 inch without making any diet or lifestyle changes.  In a similar study, women lost mostly belly and thigh fat with CLA and reduced their waistlines by 1.2 inches.  While CLA helps burn fat, it helps gain lean muscles at the same time.  A year-long research study performed by the Scandinavian Clinical Research Group found that overweight people lost 9% of their body fat and increased their lean muscle mass by 2% just by taking CLA with no changes in their diet or lifestyle.  And, a University of Wisconsin-Madison study concluded that CLA helped to prevent weight gain in people who previously lost weight.  With the group that gained weight while taking CLA, half of them gained lean muscle!

How does it work?  CLA inhibits an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase which is involved in the storage of fat into fat cells.  It keeps little fat cells from getting larger, according to Michael Pariza, director of the Food Research Institute who conducted the University of Wisconsin Study.  CLA also helps reduce your appetite, especially when you are not getting enough sleep.  Sleep deficiency lowers your levels of leptin and makes you hungrier.  Another study showed the leptin levels dropped by 20-35% in 24 months in those taking CLA.