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Flush Your Fat 4Good

1-on-1 Coaches

Become a FYF4GOOD Coach.

 FYF4Good Coaches take the Coach training for two reasons.

1.) To Learn more about the FYF4Good Lifestyle and why it works.

2.) To help others in their quest to be lean and healthy for life.

Need some extra help?  Struggling with getting started or not sure if you are living the Lifestyle correctly. You love the Private FYF4Good Buddies Facebook group, but you really like talking with someone privately.

1-on-1 Coaches are here to help. All of our 1-on-1 Coaches have been living this Lifestyle for over three years. They each have gone through a major transformation and are living healthier lives. 1-on-1 Coaches have also completed the Coach Training Course and have had additional training from Jackie and Dr. Vicky.

Read the stories from each of 1-on-1 Coaches to make your selection. The $300 Package includes four (4) one hour sessions with your 1-on-1 Coach. The sessions must occur 1 per week for 4 consecutive weeks with the same 1-on-1 Coach.

After you make your selection and purchase your package, you will receive a brief questionnaire. This must be completed and returned before we connect you with your 1-on-1 Coach. This will save time during your sessions with your 1-on-1 Coach.

Do not wait another day.  We are here to help you on your journey!

Coach Jennifer

Coach Jennifer has a passion to help Buddies learn this Lifestyle to release them from the bondage of excess fat, which has become a pandemic world-wide problem.

Coach Sue

FYF4Good has transformed my life! I’m more committed to keeping myself healthy & feeling physically & emotionally healthy than to giving into unhealthy cravings!

Coach Katie

I have struggled through it all from self-image, depression, illness, fatigue, huge weight fluctuations, and now I am on the other side, and it feels AMAZING! Let’s find your freedom together.