Jackie Padgette-Baird

Jackie Padgette-Baird is a California native and a student and product of music and the arts. Jackie had many achievements in the entertainment field, especially as a professional musician and writer. She cut albums, had a top-billed band on the Nevada circuit for seven years. During this time she became ill, and when no one could help her, she reflected on her father’s teachings as he was the first bio analyst and pathologist in the state of California. Jackie took her health in her own hands because she did not receive any answers. It was nutrition that saved her life and became her second love. Working as an assistant to Dr. Victoria Arcadi, Jackie learned about the nutritional application in a clinical setting, ran the nutritional department and organized Dr. Vicky’s seminars. Flush Your Fat 4Good was divinely given when once again she was in need. 

As Bob Proctor said…

Positive change is preceded by a decision. Change happens from the inside out; it starts with our thinking. If you want to change your health or your weight, it’s a matter of making an irrevocable decision to do things differently. FLUSH YOUR FAT 4GOOD is a wonderful guide to making the lasting change you seek. Use your marvelous imagination and build a beautiful image of a healthier, leaner you. Make a decision today!

My Story

Frogs were ALWAYS around our house when I was growing up.  You see my father was the first bio-analyst and pathologist in the State of California.  He discovered the use of African Frogs for pregnancy tests in the 1950s.  To sit at the breakfast table with this man was a trip.  “Mastication,” “digestion,” “clean out your liver with hot water,” “lemon and a pinch of salt,” and “chew your foods since your stomach doesn’t have teeth,” were the topic of conversation daily.  No kid is really interested in that stuff, but that didn’t matter. We heard about our bodies all the time!  It was not until later in my life, that I would come to realize how truly blessed I was to have my father’s influence instigate a healthier survival. 

Time with my father was way too short!  He spent time living with the Masi and Ubangi people in Africa.  He not only helped them decrease the rate of childbirth deaths by teaching them about how and why the birth environment should be sanitary, but he also hunted with them for food.  On one such trip, we believe my father was bitten by a Tsetse fly.  He developed cerebral malaria and passed away when I was only eight and a half years old.  In that very short time I had with him, the seeds of my interests in biochemistry and real nutrition were planted in my mind.

My mother was a gourmet cook and was interested in nutrition.  My siblings and I would beg for sugary store-bought cookies and cakes, but she insisted on making healthy ones for us.  She would turn Jack LaLanne on the television and preach how we all needed to get up and exercise.  Something must have sunk in because in high school I became a gymnast and studied dance.

My obsession with music started at twelve when I began playing the guitar.  By fourteen I was teaching others how to play.  At fifteen, my fraternal twin sister, Spice, and I began performing together.  We made a big splash locally and loved it.  Spice called me a few years after high school about a musical group needing musicians and singers.  I immediately said “NO!” but she talked me into auditioning.  Actually, she threatened me but that’s another story.  That was the beginning of my wild and crazy journey of adventure, love, and success in the music industry as Sugar ‘n Spice.  This is where I met my soul mate and first husband, Dick Padgette, the bass player and leader of our group.

Being on the road as a musician, singer, and songwriter for many years was grueling on my body.  There was little time to sleep and less time for eating healthy.  I was often sick but still needed to sing, dance and play guitar as we performed all over the country.  All doctors could do for me during this time was give me drugs.  For the pain, to go to sleep, to feel better: you name it, they were giving it to me.  The more I took, the more problems I was having.  A loud voice in my head started screaming at me that I better learn as much as I can about survival, or I wouldn’t make it.  This is when I realized doctors practice medicine, but they don’t practice health. 

Don’t get me wrong!  We need doctors.  If I break my leg don’t take me to the health food store first!  Take me to the emergency room and a doctor that knows how to set bones.  But I knew if I had to rely on doctors fidgeting with different drugs to offset my exhaustion and poor eating habits, I’d be in serious trouble.  So I went to the library, the health food store, medical journals, anywhere I could and started my own quest for optimal health and well-being.  I found so many incredible science/nutrition books, including one that was all about food combining!  This changed my life forever!  I became entrenched with the knowledge of how to survive on our ailing planet.  It was during this time that it hit me, optimal health and well-being had been part of my entire life.  It started with my father around that kitchen table.

In the mid-80s I was cutting albums, singing back-up for amazing artists and making a name for myself in the music industry.  Man, I was going for it.  As a girl guitarist, singer, and songwriter I was living the life!  And then I got pregnant with my first son.  At four months along I was in a serious car crash.  Not one chiropractor would touch me because it was believed that “adjusting” a pregnant woman would put her into labor.  But I was in pain, so I was persistent in looking for help.  Finally, I was introduced to Dr. Victoria Arcadi who specialized in pregnancy and newborns.  She performed miracles for me to feel better and get right back into the swing of things. 

In the early 90s, six months after giving birth to my second son, my manager wanted me to go to Germany where my music was really appreciated.  The kicker was I had to go there by myself and leave my family in the states.   This idea tortured me until I realized, I could lay down and die knowing I gave up my career, but I could never forgive myself knowing I gave up my family.  So I left the music industry to follow my second love in life, NUTRITION.

I started working as a Chiropractic Assistant for Dr. Vicky and loved helping with her research, studying and understanding supplements, and working with patients.  In 1994, pregnant with my third child (a daughter this time!), California was hit with one of the biggest earthquakes of all times, the Northridge Earthquake.  Reseda/Northridge, where I lived, was on the epicenter.  As the earthquake struck, I fell over a bookcase trying to protect my two boys.  This trauma blew a hole in my daughter’s heart, and I had to remain bedridden until she was born.  With the help of Dr. Vicky and my midwife, during the last month of pregnancy, her heart grew back together, and she was born weighing ten pounds, healthy and beautiful.

Despite the joy of the new addition to our family, life was a real struggle due to the earthquake’s damage.  This is when Dr. Vicky and I decided to form a partnership to focus full time on a nutrition business.  The business took off, and we were helping so many people get healthy.  We were getting our feet back under us from all the expenses and stress caused by the earthquake.  I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and then it all exploded.  I lost my husband of thirty years to lung and brain cancer.  He was my soul mate.  I did not have much time to mourn as I had three kids to care for and needed to be strong for them, but I felt like I lost my right arm.

As God would have it though, I met and married my second husband and I felt so blessed to have had a second time around with such a wonderful man, Tom Baird.  He adopted my kids and loved them as his own and taught them all how to surf.  But time was too short.  After only eleven years of marriage, Tom passed away and I became a two-time widow with three kids.  It was all I could do to just concentrate on the nutrition business with Dr. Vicky to support my family and move forward in life.  So I did.

If Tom’s death was not hard enough to bear, another tragedy took almost everything out of me.  My beautiful little girl was bullied at school in the sixth grade and then started using drugs.  The time, energy, guilt, and fear of what could happen led me down a road of constant sleeplessness and erratic eating.  I will never give up on my kids.  I studied and researched all I could find.  We tried programs and counseling, and nothing was working.  I was determined to make her well and eventually found a clinic outside of the US that allowed me to finally feel safe and at peace and hopeful.  I was able to get my daughter the help she needed, and after checking her in I was able to sleep straight through the night for the very first time in a very, very long time.   Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you.

When I awoke, I was so grateful and happy. I went to my bathroom mirror and took one look at myself and said, “Oh, hell no!”  “How did all that weight get on me?”  “Oh My God!  This fat has got to go, like yesterday!”  I knew how fifty-plus pounds got on me: stress, erratic eating, and very little sleep, but it was a shock to see it!  It was now my turn to care for myself and I needed to get the fat off fast. 

Being educated in science/nutrition, supplementing, and eating in a healthy way was in my favor, but as we all know, dieting is horrible because of the feelings of deprivation and fatigue and is something none of us do very consistently.  The thought of dieting, getting some of it off, and then gaining it back as everyone always does, and then starting all over again, was horrifying to me!

I walked around the house a couple of times feeling really disturbed by this and started talking to myself.  “What am I going to do now?”  I went into the kitchen and stood in front of my pantry, bewildered.  How long is this going to take?  How could I not have seen this happen to me?  Can I easily get it off at my age?  I was terribly upset, as I know just twenty pounds of fat on your body is linked to over twenty health conditions.  I needed to become healthy and strong for my kids.  They had already lost two dads and I needed to be there for them. 

I was seriously deep in thought when I heard his voice: “Jackie, you know what to do.”  I kid you not when I say I heard HIS voice.  I even turned around to look and see who was in the kitchen with me.  The good Lord was whispering in my right ear.  “You have all the knowledge and now it is time to put it into action.”  Within twenty minutes, FYF4Good was completely downloaded into my brain and I proceeded to apply it to myself like a robot.  I knew exactly what to do when to do it, and what to take to make all the fat melt off me to give me the strength and the energy to enjoy the process.   

After a few weeks of my privately applying all the knowledge given to me by Divine Intervention, I was shocking my friends.  They could not believe how fast the fat was just melting off me.  I felt amazingly strong, energized, and happy.  A friend, Cathy Castelazo, insisted I put it down on paper for her clients in her health business.  She started getting amazing results with her clients.

Dr. Vicky, my business partner, and a dear friend realized we needed to study the plan, so we developed two trial groups of approximately twenty people for twelve weeks.  The results were breathtaking.  Everyone’s lives were rapidly changing, and they have stayed lean and healthy to this day, just as promised to me that day in my kitchen.  Health by Design, Not by Default!

Making this A Lifestyle for a Lifetime is honoring the body that God has given us.  To appreciate our lives and quality of our health is the most important thing we have.  Flush Your Fat 4Good, to Be Lean & Healthy for Life is our motto and our creed.  Changing people’s relationship with their foods and learning how to live a long, vibrant, and healthy life is what FYF4Good is all about.

Jackie Padgette-Baird