Jan Cass



This is probably the most embarrassing thing I have ever done by posting this picture….but if it can save one person from a life of poor health, type 2 diabetes, having to shop at specialty shops to find big enough clothes, having to ask the stewardess for a extender for the seat belt, having to bring a special instrument into the bathroom so you can wipe your bottom, hurting inside when you see others much older than you walk and not waddle… well then it’s worth a little embarrassment!

I tried dieting by starving myself on 800 calories a day! I lost weight but also lost hair, energy, and craved food all the time….I was introduced to Flush Your Fat 4Good by a dear friend. She sent the information and I knew that this would work! I invited several others to join me. This is not like anything I have tried! I am not hungry, I love the food, I am not tired, I have learned so much! There are so many Buddies to support you. The calls are my time to learn. I am on a path in just about 12 weeks that I never dreamed possible I have gone from a tight 3X to a 16…I have a passion for life that I haven’t had in a long time! I am now eating to live! NOT living to eat.