Janet Tilford



XL to Medium and FEELING GREAT!

The photo on the left is late April 2015. The photo on the right is yesterday, Dec. 3, 2015. I began FYF4Good May 3rd and have lost 75.75″ and 38 lbs. My size 10 jeans are getting loose. It’s been an incredible 7-month journey of living the FYF4Good Lifestyle. In 1993 my colon was nicked during a hysterectomy. I became septic (blood poisoning). They took 7-8″ of my colon, filled me with lifesaving antibiotics and gave me a colostomy which was re-sectioned 2 months later. Twenty-two yrs. later and my colon is really improving!! My brain has trained me to listen well. I am a Fat Burner! Thank you to every FYF4Good Buddy! Your loving support is a Big Deal!!! Ps…My weight never stopped me from being a Triathlete. But I really look forward to participating next year as a size 6/8!!