Joan Gerber



I’ve been on FYF4Good since mid-April of last year. I was off work on a medical leave and became intrigued by my friend’s health benefits on the program. Initially I started FYF4Good just to eat a dedicated anti-inflammatory diet. To my surprise, I also started to lose a lot of fat! A friend once told me she felt like a skinny person stuffed in a fat body. I could relate! My before pictures are from 4 years ago, the result of my first medical leave/rest (post-concussion issues). I’m no stranger to weight management, including diets, restrictions and extreme exercise; I am the Mom of elite athletes so I’ve been around it all for a long time. There has NEVER been a program I have used to lose weight that has given me results like this! FYF4Good has sculpted my shape by targeting only fat. I’m still strong, but I weigh less than I did when I got married 30 years ago! And, now that I’ve been on Phase 2 for a while, I haven’t regained any weight or inches! I’ve gone from an initial size 10/12 to a 0/2. I’ve shed my fat 4good!