Laurie Loest



Hello to all who are trying to find their way in losing fat! My name is Laurie and I’m 66 years young. I can say that because when you lose the fat you feel younger, more energy, the aches and pains are gone, and best of all No Brain Fog. Digestion and elimination is now working to the point I can eat without feeling like throwing up or swelling up. I was never an emotional eater and thought I was eating good most the time. But I was a Fast Food, take out, high starch, convenience eater that put 45lbs of love handles all over me. Being a busy none stop person, the same as most of us, I never took the time to see this way of life and what it was doing to me. My health was going down and I was fighting every day to keep going.

I saw some of my friends, along with a good friend Jackie, looking amazing and the next day I was on Flush Your Fat 4 Good lifestyle starting the 2nd trial group. I can’t express how Blessed I am for all the weight I have lost along with all the education. This program has taught me how to never struggle again. I still eat out but no counting calories. I now know what and how to order and that makes all the difference. Thank you to Dr. Vicky and Jackie for all the work they have done to make a difference in our life. I love my new Lifestyle and I know you will to.