Melanie Headrick



Eleven months ago, I went on a mule ride into the High Camps at Yosemite. One of my friends posted a picture of me and my mule….I was horrified!!! Please excuse my language, but… my ass was bigger than my asses’ ass!!!! What a wake-up call!!!! So, I started dieting the next day. Within a month, I was on the FYF4Good program in the first beta testing group. Thank you Dr. Vicky and Jackie!!!!!! I’d still like to lose a few more, but I’ve lost close to 60 lbs. I just got back from going on the mule ride again this year and I was able to ride the same mule – here are my comparison pictures. I find that I don’t have any more sugar cravings and that if there’s a lapse in food protocol, it’s very easy to get back on track. Please know, that you are ALL so very inspiring!!!! You CAN reach your goals!!!