Patti Jensen



Lost 70 Pounds… and 64 Inches

I’ve been a lifetime member with a weight loss group and I’ve seen my weight go up and down over the past 40 years. I was a real Yo-Yo dieter!

I stopped smoking 34 years ago only trading one oral habit with another, food & sugar.

I heard about how bad SUGAR was years ago. So, I went off of it for 7 years…. but then started back on it in 2002, it’s been my addiction, “it’s the enemy!” And it has been for many years, “my cookie jar even know my name and was always calling me!!!”

Over the past 14 years, I’ve had several orthopedic surgeries dealing with chronic pain & depression that caused me to be inactive, sedentary, and gain more weight.

I feel like a new person… I have more energy not needing an afternoon nap anymore, I sleep better at night and I’m able to exercise daily. I’ve gone off two of the three high blood pressure meds & my lab tests are looking better and better!

I finally have found a lifestyle that is SIMPLE, HEALTHY and is Transforming my LIFE!